Ask # 222

Odd: How are you doing? :) Thank you for asking how I am! 

My little ones are growing very big, they are even trying to say words now! Mostly gibberish but they are trying! Both of them love to explore, they are a hand full but they are great foals :)  


OC Located Here
(/’O’)/ I sorry Oddends x3

Mod: OH SERA WHAT HAVE YOU DONE , HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME ART OF CUTENESS HOW DARE YOU !! nah i kid but it is cute and omgosh thank you i love it so much ;A; ima go die now from cute.


OC Located Here

(/’O’)/ I sorry Oddends x3

Mod: OH SERA WHAT HAVE YOU DONE , HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME ART OF CUTENESS HOW DARE YOU !! nah i kid but it is cute and omgosh thank you i love it so much ;A; ima go die now from cute.


It was finally finished (i do very slow art ; w; )

thank you so much for following. i’m not even good at english. but i seen you guy okay with it… i think..?  anyway i want to draw all for you but i can’t. ;w; so let see the list of pony here :) 


rice equestriangods carrel-smithmodblog ellaelixir askstrikecomet ask-blueflame ask-taco askvgpony thatbluefirepony you-less askleolion dewdusts askbubblepop ask-star-moon-dancer its-gash3d ask-nightraxx-and-roaring-rhythm ask-the-guard-commander-pony demotivatedpinkiepie long-bangs questioncolgatepony nickelshine thesweetadventuresofstrawberry ask-solar-tide ask-hazel-freeze askamazingangel louchandoodles ummfluttershyreplies nathan-traveler ask-the-survivor-ponies askstarryhue asktekkerskillet hasikon ask-jenn ask-scarpatch thegamercolt askflightwright ask-shiningstar-and-skyla askcombatgrey alexi-mod waywardfoals askbattyshy theonlycottoncandy askpoopscoop ask-prism-glider lavendergleam askluckyhooves theblazinghotspot renaissancemuffins ask-cuppiecake ask—cloudy ask-lightningfeather ask-moodypony asksongbreeze ask-mixy asknoxthepony ask-redeye ask-pony-chester foxfaces-world professorlyra ask-minecraft-ponies modtea asklillymarsh askbilliethekid ask-minx-and-raven azuritefade doubleclickthepony seekerofthelostelement askthatonepurplemare ask-ghostpony ask-husky ask-glitterheart askriverpon asksteelstrings askthegamerponies daisy-garland thatapplejack askbananapie asktheyoutubepony ask-the-apple-twins ask-the-sk8er-pones ask-occult-pony ask-angel-moondust ask-rustygears smittygir4 ask-vitium askburningstream ask-oddends ask-scarlet-and-penny ask-artemisfrost asksaintcolarix askearthairandmagic asklightking indiefoxtail ask—firefly ask-astral-twins yuta-kihova dashagamer hanafinder askcolorpaint ask-bubbles-wond-and-pinkamena naily-nyu mlppixelponies phokingazn askbreejetpaw rite-desepticon ask-spitfire-thewonderbolt peppermint-pattie-replies ask-nyxis-moon ask-hyperbrony inkedfleece moonlightcavalier askvanillafluff contract-xenon ask-cocopommel ask-megan-and-friends  askflowertheplantponi pregnant-cutieloo askroninsamuraiapplejack seaponyluna ask-opeuch-the-pony askjaydon ask-anthony-sykes askincompetentlightningdust askdustylockandkey


Mod: Oh wow congratz on 500 ! Haha It’s great you have gotten this far :D Thank you for including me :) 



Here the giveaway results !

I know I was supposed to post it the 18th March but I wanted to draw a followers pic too for the 700 (almost 800 now) !

Congratulations to the winners ! And now, could you send me your references please ? c:

And there the drawed ponies :

1st picture : ; ; ; ; ; ;

2nd picture : ; ; ; ; ;

3rd picture : ; ; ; ;

4th picture : ; ; ; ; ; ;

5th picture : ; ; ; ; ;

Woah, the last time I drew 30 of my followers, it was when I had 30 followers ! All escalated so quickly in less than a year ! Thanks to all my followers, i love you all ! :DD

((Omg I’m such a dork! I can’t believe I forgot to reblog this!!! ;A; Thanchu <3))

Mod: aww wow :D soo cute ;a: thank you and congratz on almost 800 !!

Ask # 221

Odd: I want moore

Dex: Can I eat it ?

Mod: Havent updated in a couple of days , so I did a little drawing x3 

Hey everyone :) As promised here is another giveaway! 

As a thank you for 2,548 followers! 

Please follow all the rules :)


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Giveaway ends the 25th of April 

There will be 4 winners , All will win a full body drawing of their pony oc or cannon pony. ( only will be drawing ponies )

Best of luck :)!

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P.S Please do not be upset or sad you didn’t win ! I will be doing more giveaways :) 



((zomg first idol to follow me, im soooo happeh!! ;v; its like a dream come true! oh wait it is! You are so brilliant!


I got a brush pen yesterday and wanted to try it out.  BTW, did you guys know that when I go to try out something new, I use references of you guys?  It’s nice rather than just drawing Arrow over and over again.  Also tried out new styles.  I’ve also been trying to slowly draw everyone.

Left-Right, Top-Bottom:
ask-floam-pony, askcloudberryblue, askpotluck,
asklunarfields, princess-curlycue, ask-rosealina-and-the-doctor,
ask-oddends, asktheyoutubepony,

I also drew Arrow on a whole page just because it was hard to see how it’d look with small details.

Ask # 220

What has the world become.